Setup in email account on windows

Have you ever needed to setup an email on Microsoft Outlook but don't know how? This post will guide you step by step to setup your email accounts in no time.

Having an email account but not knowing how to set it up can be terribly frustrating. So we setup this guide to help you get your emails up and running on Microsoft Outlook in a few easy steps.


Go to control Panel

Type 'Control Panel' in the search box at the bottom of the screen. If you don't see the search box, right click on the bar next to the start button, hover over the search menu and click on 'Show search box'. Then click on the Control Panel in the search results.


Go to control Panel

If you only see a few icons, click on 'View by' and change it from 'Category' to 'Large icons'. Find the 'Mail' option in the list and click on it .


Which accounts are there?

Click on 'Email Accounts' to see the a list of all the accounts currently on the computer. If you are adding a new account, click on the 'New' button. If you are updating an existing account, double click on the account.


Then fill in the details

Fill in all the details as the labels suggest and double check that everything is correct. Use the information that we sent to you. Then click on the 'More settings' button


Make it safe

Click on the 'Outgoing server' tab and make a checkmark next to 'My outgoing server requires authentication'. Click on the 'Advanced' tab, set the incoming server port to '995' and make a checkmark next to 'This server requires and encrypted connection'. Set the outgoing server port to '465' and select 'SSL/TLS' next to 'Use the following type of encrypted connection'


Wrap it up

Click on the 'OK' button and then on 'Test Account Settings'. If the details are filled in correctly, you should see 2 green checkmarks. Click on the 'Next' button and then on the 'Finish' button.