Update your website's content

Sometimes you just want to make a quick adjustment to your website. An image here or a piece of text there. It's good to refine your websites and make changes every now and then.

With this step by step guide, you can be on your way to control the content on your website.


Receiving the invite

During the delivery or presentation phase of your website's design, the designer would have sent you an email that looks something like this screenshot. Click on the "Get Started" link to head over to management section of your website.


You have been invited by to view pages on the Your Brand Name's subaccount.

You'll have access to these pages as long as you are a team member on this account.

Get Started


Signing Up

Fill in your name, surname and email. Make sure that the email address is the same as the one on which you received the email. Then create a memorable password and click on the 'Create Account'. Signing up is free and easy.

After you signed-up, you will receive an email that welcomes you to the Brizy platform. Brizy is the website design platform that we used to build you a custom website that you can edit with ease. You may click on the 'Confirm email' button to complete the sign-up.


Opening your website

Once your account is created, you can access your website by hovering over your project and clicking on 'Open Project'. The Home page will open by default.

To navigate to a different page, click on the menu button in the left sidebar.

Select the page from the list that you want to edit and click on the edit button.


Updating the content

To update the text, all you need to do is find the text you want to edit, click on it and start editing. As simple as that. It's basically the same as editing a Microsoft Word document.


Logging in next time

The next time you want to update your website, you might need to log in again. Simply click the button below to go to the login page. I strongly suggest that you add it to your bookmarks for quick and easy access.