A special website design calibration tool

We would like to share an amazing free tool with you. With it, you wield the power to communicate your ideas and feedback about your website's design right there on the canvas.

Invisible ink

Only invited members of your team and ours, will be able to see any comments on the canvas, like an invisible ink to the rest of the internet.

Using the collaboration tool

After you have logged into your website editor, find this icon in the left sidebar and click on it.

Adding comments

Once the tool has opened up, you will notice that your cursor transformed into a plus icon. Simply move it to the element on the canvas that you want to comment on, and click to add a comment. You can also select a specific team member that should see the comment.

Adding comments to multiple pages

You can add comments to any page by navigating to them through the sidebar.

Adding comments to mobile and tablet views

You can even add comments to the tablet and mobile versions of your website

Resolved Comments

After the issue in the comment is resolved, it will show a checkmark next to the comment. You can see all the comments through the comments menu in the top left of the sidebar. If you click on a comment from this list, your page will scroll to that place on the canvas. You can also hide the resolved comments if you want.

Closing the tool

After adding all your comments, click on the "Back to dashboard" button